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This service provides you with the opportunity to recover lost or inaccessible information in the fastest and most efficient way, for any type of format or operating system, and regardless of the cause of the problem. We can adapt to any emergency if necessary.

At Recovery Labs we have the widest possible range of equipment and systems in order to be able to offer this service for any type of medium or operating system.

We are qualified to work with your equipment, regardless of the cause of the problem: involuntary formatting, partitioning, deliberate data wipe, virus attacks, system jamming, mechanical faults, damage to plate surfaces, power surges, impacts, fire, flood...

These are the options that we offer depending on the urgency of the data recovery:

Estimated recovery time 4 to 6 working days:
This is the standard service in which a work number is assigned to your hard-disk and the recovery work begins according to the order of arrival.
Estimated recovery time 24 to 72 hours:
In this service a priority work number is assigned to your recovery, as well as an exclusive workstation to begin working on your hard disk, on a priority basis, thus speeding up the process considerably.
After hours and weekend
In this service we use all the technical and human resources required to perform the recovery of the data on your hard disk in the shortest period possible. Consequently, the recovery time will depend exclusively on the difficulty of the work involved.

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