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Secure data wiping is the logical consequence of the rotation of computer equipment.

The average life of computers is becoming shorter and shorter while their capacity to store information grows and grows. When a device changes user, a department changes its equipment or a company renews its computer park, information must be deleted in an effective and secure manner.

At Recovery Labs we are aware of this need and in response to this we have developed a service specifically designed to provide our customers with the best solution. Our secure data wiping service is fast, efficient and above all secure, since it complies with, and even exceeds, the rigorous standards of the United States defence department.

The alternatives: Formatting the hard disk: this is a completely ineffective and insecure process, since the data stored on the hard disk never disappears and is completely recoverable.

Dismantling the hard disk and destroying it, either physically or through a degauser; this process requires a great deal of time and is expensive (particularly when working with a large computer park), and the possibility of reusing this hard disk is lost.

Recovery Labs offers you a service that enables you to control your information more effectively and transform what were previously costs into profits since the equipment is perfectly usable after we have applied our secure data wiping procedure.
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